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Internships at International Headquarters

Internships provide real world opportunities for hands-on experience in the workplace, and are the number one means of helping people to discover their God-given passion and abilities.  Whether for academic credit, building your resume, or just discovering where God wants you to be, Child Evangelism Fellowship International Headquarters offers unique opportunities for you to do what you love and discover your giftedness. You will have the opportunity to work with largest children’s ministry in the world impacting over 25.4 million children annually in countries around the globe. Internships are available both at home and abroad.

CEF internships help to strengthen your creativity, build your leadership skills, stimulate your personal and professional growth while maintaining the missional focus of fulfilling the Great Commission by spreading the gospel to children in every nation.


Potential opportunities include:

  • USA Ministries
    • Office Administration
    • Spanish Ministry
  • International Ministries
    • Office Administration
  • First Impressions & Connections
    • Event Planning, Volunteer Support
  • Global Partnership Ministries (GPM)
    • Office Administration
  • Housekeeping
  • Information Technology
    • Computer Services
  • Kitchen
    • Food Preparation, Dish Room
  • Maintenance
    • Buildings and Grounds
  • Marketing
    • Online Promotion
  • Creative Services
    • Creative Writing/Editorial
    • Studio
  • Production
    • Printing and Publication Management


Is the internship the right choice for someone who wants to pursue a career in missions with CEF?

The internship is a great option for someone who is looking to pursue a career with CEF. We have had several interns go on to be full-time staff members at IHQ and in their local area.

How can I apply?

The application can be found at: When filling out the application, be sure to put “IHQ Intern” as your desired position.

Do monthly gifts count toward my funding goal?

Yes, the goal is to raise $3,300. This can be either one-time or monthly gifts. For example, if someone commits to giving you $100 per month during your internship, then we will count that as $1,200.

Can I participate in a Good News Club while in Warrenton?

Yes, there are several Good News Clubs that take place in Warrenton. It is a CEF policy to allow employees to leave work early in order to participate in a Good News Club.

Will I have a mentor while at Headquarters?

Yes, interns are paired up with HQ staff members. They then will meet together throughout the year to make sure that everything is going well for the intern.

What should I plan to bring?

The rooms that our interns stay in are very similar to college dorm rooms. Bedding and towels are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. You can also have a small refrigerator or TV in your room if you would like. Most of the internships require you to wear “business casual” clothes. So you will want to be sure that you bring proper work attire.

What are others saying about the internships?

The internship has been a truly life-changing experience for me. I have learned a variety skills and experienced things I probably never would have if I did not do the internship this year.


Seth Beeson

GPM Intern

Not having worked with CEF before coming as an intern and being 4 years out of college, left me questioning if it was a good move for me at that point or not, to where I almost let the opportunity pass me by.

+ READ MORE Morgan Hofer

USA Ministries Intern

The opportunity to serve God in the headquarters of the world’s largest children’s ministry at my age has been an incredible learning experience. It’s been so exciting to be a part of a team that loves God and strives to keep Him first in every aspect of our work.

+ READ MORE Katie Hiles

GPM Intern

Interning at HQ has taught me so much and given me so many different opportunities that I would have never thought possible. I got to work with amazing people who love God and desire to help me grow not just in my job skills but in my own walk with the Lord as well.

+ READ MORE Jenna Weis

Creative Services Intern


Contact us for more information, fill out the online application, or read a description of each intern position.