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Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day - (Animated)

“So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” -Matthew 18:14 (ESV)

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See how CEF is impacting the lives of children throughout the world!

See how CEF is impacting the lives of children throughout the world!

See how CEF is impacting the lives of children throughout the world!

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Helping you share the Gospel of Christ with children and disciple them in the Word of God.

Children Reached in 2020

Every Child

Every Nation

Every Day

Our Ministries

Good News Club®

The Good News Clubs® take place in neighborhood settings such as homes, schools and community centers all over the world and are designed to bring the Gospel of Christ to children on their level in their environment.

5-Day Club

In June all across the USA thousands of young people are trained to conduct 5-Day Clubs. Throughout the summer they have many opportunities to present the Gospel to boys and girls, experiencing the joy of leading others to the Lord.

Christian Youth in Action

How are you spending your summer? High school and college age students from around your state are coming together to reach the boys and girls of your community – and YOU can be a part of this team!

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Teach Kids to Weed Out Sneaky Lies

Teach Kids to Weed Out Sneaky Lies

What is your least favorite part about gardening? If you said weeding, I wouldn’t blame you. Even though it’s hard work, you know it’s worth the effort. Lies are like weeds, springing up to choke out the truth in kids’ hearts. Sometimes lies are sneaky, just like weeds which often look very much like the real plant they’re growing next to. You may not know they’re there until they have deep roots.

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Teach Kids About God Using the Fall Season

Teach Kids About God Using the Fall Season

Fall is finally here, or as some of my friends like to call it, pumpkin spice season. Fall is a special time of year. The weather starts cooling down, school schedules are set in place, and some fun activities are around the corner. I personally love the first chilly morning and the first whiff of smoke from the wood-burning furnace. I also love fall because there are some great ways to use this season to teach kids about God. Today, I have three fall-themed activities you can do with kids that will teach them more about the creator of this great season.

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When I was four years old my mom opened our home to a Good News Club®. Though Mom was not saved, she would sit in the club each week and listen as the lesson was taught. One day after club I told my mom I wanted to be saved. My unsaved mom led me to the Lord, repeating what she had heard in club each week. Soon after that Mom was saved too. Today there are about 15 different family members in some form of Christian ministry—pastor, missionary, etc.

— Karen

When I was only three, I was led to the Lord by my brother who’d been trained in a Teaching Children Effectively courseTM. A couple of years later I started going to 5-Day Club® and Good News Club® then attended Christian Youth in Action® (CYIATM) and began teaching at age 12. After six fruitful years of summer ministry as a student and one as staff, I was excited to be called into the ministry full time and be following God’s path for my life. 

— Becca

I started to attend Good News Club® in Sioux City, Iowa when I was about four years old. My older brother went, and I liked to go along. I so clearly remember our teacher, dear Mrs. Dora Lock and her helper Betty Ritchie. She had GNC® in the basement of her home. I remember the day she had the lesson on the crucifixion like it was yesterday. She talked about how Jesus died to pay the price for our sins and all we had to do was believe on Him and accept His free gift. I was ready to accept him that day! I attended for several years and the Scripture that I memorized and the songs we sang have stuck with me to this day. I am forever grateful for my time spent in GNC and am loving being part of it again.

— Marta

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