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About the Program

What are some of the things I would do as a US-Sent Missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship®?

US-Sent Missionaries take part in a variety of ministry activities to strengthen the ministry in their country, including hosting clubs, helping with local training, etc. A ministry assignment will be decided based on the individual’s strengths, prior training and education, and interests. Just as the body of Christ has many different parts, CEF® has many different areas in which to serve.

Some of the ministries that our current US-Sent Missionaries are involved in include:

  • National or Local Leadership
  • Education and Teacher Training
  • Literature and Translation
  • Direct Children’s Ministry
  • Office Support and Finance
  • Digital Media and Design
  • Specific CEF Ministry (CYIA, Camp, etc.)

How long does it take to become a US-Sent Missionary?

The average length of time for the US-Sent Missionary process is two years, from application to release to the field. However, the timing will depend on a variety of factors (including the applicant’s prior training with CEF, language proficiency, support raising, and more).

How long is a US-Sent Missionary term?

A US-Sent Missionary commits to a four-year term. After each term, the missionary will be required to return to the USA for furlough.

Will I raise my own support?

Yes, US-Sent Missionaries will raise their own support – however, you are not alone! Missionaries receive training for raising support and will not be released to the field until fully funded.

How old (or young) do I have to be to apply?

You must be 21 years old to apply. If you are over 18 and have interest in career missions with CEF, submit an interest inquiry form. There are steps you can take to get a head-start on ministry preparation, and you may complete the formal application process later.

CEF has also had missionaries who have begun their overseas work once they have retired or their children have left home.

Do I have to be from the United States?

You must be a US citizen currently residing in the United States to qualify for our US-Sent Missionary Program.

Am I able to serve as a remote missionary, based in the USA and traveling to the region of service as needed?

US-Sent Missionaries are required to relocate long-term to their assigned mission location.

What are the current needs/opportunities?

An updated list of current needs is coming soon!

If there is a country/region that you feel called to serve in that is not listed, please still submit an interest inquiry. We accept applications to serve in all regions of the world on an ongoing basis.

Is there an opportunity for short-term missions with CEF?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, CEF has discontinued their short-term international missions program. The CEF US-Sent Missionary Program is only for individuals interested in long-term career missions.

For missionary candidates (individuals who have applied and been accepted into our program), there is typically an opportunity to travel on a short-term vision trip or internship in the region of service to ensure a right fit before release to the field. This looks different for each applicant and is outlined in their personalized ministry preparation plan.

I have more questions about the program. Who can I contact?

To take the next step, fill out the US-Sent Missionary Interest Inquiry form to receive additional information. You will also receive a link to the application at this time. Once all parts of the application have been submitted, references will be checked, screening will take place, and you will be contacted if selected to interview.

If you have additional questions, please email International Ministries at [email protected].